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To experience, observe, and interact with a snapshot of Black Cincinnati history through the Eye of C Smith's photographic collection-six decades of images and stories.

Eye of C is a fully immersive human experience feeling the joys and pains of a people.  We aim to educate and entertain by facilitating history through this virtual platform. The music, the people, and the “feel” of Cincinnati.

the mission
Cincinnati - Ohio River
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Cincinnati was known as the land of opportunity. Many thought it was its own country, where Blacks were free. 

For those Blacks looking for economic opportunities as well as escape from the rigors and racism of the South, Cincinnati was the first taste of freedom.  It was the first step to be taken toward freedom both in the United States and the door to Canada.

One could stand on the shores of the Ohio River in Kentucky, a slave state, and look and dream of freedom in Ohio or see Ohio as the beginning of the freedom march to places of the West, North, and East.  In a sense the air in Cincinnati was the first “free” air breathed by Blacks escaping the rigors of slavery.



He devoted his career to capturing the images of the people of Cincinnati.

C. Smith is a “Visual Historian.” He was there when James Brown shouted, “Say it Loud! I’m Black and I’m proud,” he was there shooting the riots as the City burned, the swearing-in of Black Judges and the crowning of Beauty Queens.  C. was there. Smith’s magazine The Ghetto told of more personal secrets and concerns of the Black community.  He became known as “Your Personal Photographer.”

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