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The remarkable history of Black Cincinnati as captured through the photography of C. Smith is unmistakable. Well known as a meticulous photographer, C. has an eye for capturing the spirit and human emotion of surrounding what developed into key milestones in Black history. The proposed documentary film, Eye of C, explores the roots, rise and legacy of this unassuming man from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Research and writing by Cincinnatian published author and historian, Gina Ruffin Moore, have laid the foundation for this documentary. The production team is nearing completion of capturing hours of interviews and footage, seeking additional funds for film recreations, gathering additional b-roll and interviews and beginning post-production.  

Eye of C will bring viewers of all ages and backgrounds into an immersive experience of the life of a humble man who captured and preserved key moments throughout a challenging and ever-changing socio-political environment of U.S. history. Your support is greatly appreciated in securing this Black American's place in history. 

Eye of C - C Smith Cincinnati Photographer
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Eye of C is a documentary film that takes us on a journey of human experience. This journey allows us to feel the joys and pains of a People through the images of Cincinnatian C. Smith, known as the Godfather of Photography.

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